Instrumentation Ball Valve

Lodha Industries Instrumentation Ball Valves have been designed is provide exalted quality for maximum execution within a Many types of valve styles, process connection, sizes and Patterns.

Lodha industries manufacture a complete line of precision High Pressure Instrumentation Ball valves and Low Pressure Instrumentation Ball valves manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Before use Ball valve selection, be sure and consider the system required lpm (Flow) working pressure, operating temperature, and materials of construction. If your application requires a valve not available in this website so please contact us by email or contact number,

We make from Lodha brand the highest quality product Instrumentation Ball valves in India. There are many types of material use in this valve (6000 PSI Ball Valve, 3000 PSI Ball Valve) such as Tube End Ball Valve, SS Ball Valve, CS Ball Valve, Forged Steel Ball Valve, and its use depends on its application. Instrumentation Ball valves and Ball Valve are typically used for safe flow control, isolation, and to Shut of systems.




 Rating: Up to 6,000 psi @ up to 1200ºF

 Stem & Body Seal: ‘O’ring (Nitral &Viton)

 Seat Packing: POM & Peek

 Tube Size: 1/8” to 1”

 Connections: Tube End

 Body: Bar Stoke & Forged Steel

 Material: SS, CS and other Material Other as Per Your Requirements